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As per Medical Council New Zealand (MCNZ) the process of Registration within a general scope of practice is not approved automatically at the end of PGY1. On satisfactory completion of the requirements, you would need to complete an application for registration in a general scope of practice.

Please be aware that changing either your employment (moving regions) or supervision arrangements without first notifying (and receiving confirmation from) Council puts you in breach of your registration requirements.  That is, you would be working outside your approved scope of practice in any such case. Please remember that it is your professional responsibility to ensure that you are practising within the endorsement of your practising certificate at all times.

How to complete an application for registration in a general scope of practise:

The steps in this process are:

  • You will need to meet with your clinical supervisor on your current clinical attachment and get the feedback recorded as part of the mid attachment meeting.

  •  Check that your record of learning is up to date in your ePort:

    • Have all end of clinical attachment assessments been completely finalised by you and your educational supervisor?
    • Have you taken a photo of your ACLS certificate and uploaded it through he "CPD" tab?  If you have not done this, you will need to "Add new CPD", Add topic, the date and then "upload evidence file".  Please remember to tick "This CPD relates to ACLS".
    • Have you recorded goal/s in your PDP for PGY2? To do this you will need to select "PGY2" after entering your goals.
    • Have you recorded all the learning outcomes that you have attained in the skills log?
  • The Advisory Panel, chaired by your DHB CMO or their delegate, will meet to review the progress of each intern. However if all of the steps above have not been completed, this will delay their consideration of your ePort and progress.


  •  The Advisory Panel will make a recommendation that either:

    • You have satisfactorily met the requirements for registration in a general scope of practice, OR
    • You need to complete further requirements or assessment.


  • Once you receive the Advisory Panel recommendation, it will be dependent on the following two things:

    • Satisfactory completion of your current clinical attachment, with the end of clinical attachment being finalised by your clinical supervisor, you and your educational supervisor.

    • You applying for a general scope of practice. You will be able to do this from the bottom of your summary page in ePort, once the Advisory Panel recommendation has been completed, and your current end of clinical attachment assessment has been finalised.


Second postgraduate year (PGY2) requirements

Once you are approved registration in a general scope of practice you will begin to work towards meeting the requirements for PGY2 which are as follows:

1.          Interns must complete four Council-accredited clinical attachments. All accredited clinical attachments are for 13-weeks.

2.          Interns need to continue to work towards achieving the goals in their professional development plan (PDP) for PGY2.


Your practising certificate for PGY2 will include an endorsement reflecting that you are required to work in Council accredited clinical attachments and also to continue to maintain your PDP.


You can apply to have the endorsement removed at the end of PGY2 if your prevocational educational supervisor is satisfied you have met the prevocational training requirements and recommends the endorsement be removed.


On removal of the endorsement, you will be required to either, enrol and participate in inpractice, the Council approved recertification programme administered by bpacnz for doctors registered in a general scope of practice, or an accredited vocational training programme.


Once completed, forward a certified copy of your APC to your Recruitment Consultant/Adminstrator. 

14 days


Next Step?

Applying for a work visa.

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