Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is an intellectually challenging and exciting career with a range of opportunities.                                               

It is a unique specialty at the cutting edge of patient care, technology and research, and involves the planning and treatment of cancer (and some selected benign conditions) with radiation therapy. A broad range of patients benefit from radiation therapy, including paediatric patients, and treatment can involve all sites in the body. This lends itself to close interaction with many different services and patients.. Applications and interviewing for these posts are coordinated by the New Zealand Training Network through the New Zealand branch office of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR)

Auckland is New Zealand's largest Regional Oncology Centre (approximately 2,500 new patients/year) providing radiation therapy and chemotherapy in the Auckland/Northland region. During training it is possible to be involved in the management of a wide variety of tumour types.

The department is situated in a purpose-designed building, linked to Auckland Hospital, a large general hospital with over 600 beds and associated with the University of Auckland Medical School.

The Radiotherapy facility has six linear accelerators, two simulators, an orthovoltage unit, and a dedicated computer planning system. The three newest linear accelerators have multi-leaf collimation, online portal imaging and cone beam CT. There is a comprehensive mould room and an automated high dose rate sealed radioisotope after loading (Selectron) unit.

There is also an acute assessment ward and an inpatient ward. The building offers a pleasant work environment with spacious clinic and treatment areas and views over the Waitemata Harbour. It is also conveniently situated in central Auckland, adjacent to parkland and city beaches.

We currently employ 15 Consultant Radiation Oncologists.  The department is a combined Medical and Radiation Oncology service with all consultants meeting together regularly.


Dr Hedley Krawitz Doctor of Oncology Auckland Hospital

Interview - Dr Hedley Krawitz

Dr. Hedley Krawitz is the Director of Training for Radiation Oncology in the Auckland Region. Read his interview for more information on a career in Radiation Oncology.
Dr Han Kim Doctor of Radiation Oncology, Auckland New Zealand

Interview - Dr Han Kim

Dr Han Kim is a current Registrar, working in Radiation Oncology in the Auckland Region since 2008. Han shares his experience and insights working in the field of Radiation Oncology.
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Hospital Sites

Training in the Auckland region is based at Auckand City Hospital

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How to train as a Radiation Oncology Specialist

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiation Oncology training program runs for five years, conducted in two Phases. Phase 1 of between 18 - 24 months and Phase 2 of approximately 36-42 months duration (depending on the trainee's progress through Phase 1.

A comprehensive training scheme is offered in Radiation Oncology and the department is fully accredited so that candidates can meet the full requirements for obtaining the FRANZCR in Radiation Oncology. There is a tutorial program for the Part 1 FRANZCR examination in Radiation Oncology to prepare candidates for the three subjects of Radiation Biology, Radio therapeutic Physics and Anatomy. A formal regular teaching programme is offered for Physics and Radiobiology. Anatomy is undertaken on a self-teaching basis but tutorials can be provided as required.

A tutorial programme is held for the Part 2 FRANZCR examination that covers the areas of Tumour Pathology, Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy. Support is also provided for a statistics assignment that is undertaken between the Phase 1 and 2 examinations. Registrars are encouraged to attend centralised training sessions that are held in Australia and New Zealand. Registrars are required to undertake clinical audit or other clinical research studies during the course of their training.

The department is part of the New Zealand Training Network, which is accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiology (Radiation Oncology Faculty) to provide registrar training in Radiation Oncology. Six New Zealand centres, including Auckland, are accredited to provide training in Radiation Oncology.

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  • Able to be registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Minimum of two years clinical experience post-graduation
  • Shows dedication to and interest in pursuing a career in Radiation Oncology
  • Good inter-personal and professional communication skills
  • High standard of academic performance


  • Shows personal commitment to continuing professional development
  • Satisfactory professional referee reports
  • Satisfactory reports from previous and current employers
  • Shows an interest in and commitment to research

Selection depends on undergraduate medical course results, previous interest as demonstrated by relevant electives, publications or presentations, performance as an intern/resident based on references and an interview. Preference is given to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

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Who can I talk to and where to next?

Radiation Oncology

There are currently 8 Radiation Oncology posts. You could talk to Dr Krawitz, who is the Director of Training, or Dr Ramesh Pandey, who is the Registrar Representative in Radiation Oncology.

Further information can also be obtained from the RANZCR website at,


Application forms are available at;


Enquiries and applications can be made to,


Dr Hedley Krawitz - Consultant and Director of Training
Auckland City Hospital
Ramesh Pandey - Registrar Representative
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