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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why has my application been declined? 
    If your application has been declined at initial application it is most likely that you do not meet the registration requirements of the Medical Council of New Zealand or you do not meet the required experience for this position.

  2. I was declined at initial application but believe I am eligible for registration.
    If you believe this is the case, please check with the Medical Council of New Zealand requirements and then email the Recruitment Consultant. Please note that we do not generally registrar applicants under the special purpose pathway and never under the locum tenens or vocational pathway. 

  3. I was declined but I have worked enough time in a comparable health system.
    To meet registration requirements under this pathway you must have worked for a minimum of 33 months out of the last 48 months within the same specialty and at the same level as the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a Paediatric Registrar position you need to have worked for 33 months of the last 48 months in Paediatrics at registrar level. This is usually the reason for not meeting requirements.

  4. Can I use an educational supervisor/registrar as a referee? 
    No. Medical Council does not accept this and therefore neither do we.

  5. I have not practised in the last two years. Can I provide referees from previous positions? 
    Yes but please check with your recruitment consultant first.

  6. Why do you require certified documents?
    As part of our recruitment process we need to check that you did graduate as a doctor, that you are registered, what your country of birth and/or residency is and what certifications you have.

  7. Where can I get my documents certified? 
    Your documents can be certified by a solicitor, a notary public, a justice of the peace and, in the UK, by a post office official.

  8. Do I need to send originals of the certified documents?
    No. Please do not post these to us. You will need to keep the original certifications with you. If you commence a position in the Auckland region you will need to provide those documents at that time to the Medical Council of New Zealand.

  9. Who do I get my CPD forms signed by?
    You should approach your current supervisor, regardless of whether you are applying for another position

  10. How do I calculate my salary?
    Salary in New Zealand is governed by a national collective agreement. Salary depends on which city you work in, your postgraduate year and the average number of hours for your rotation. The salary ranges can be found by downloading the RDA MECA agreement here. The Auckland salaries for Registrars can be found at the bottom of page 10 and the House Officer salaries can be found partway down page 11. To calculate your salary for your first rotation:


    1)     First check the Registrar or House Officer year on your contract

    2)     Find your allocation letter (the run and the hospital you are starting at)

    3)     Match with the correct run description for your DHB here

    4)     In section 6 or 7 of the run description it will mention a pay category (A-F).

    5)     Match the pay category and your postgraduate year with the salary scale on page 10 of the agreement.


    1)     I accepted a contract at Year 6 of the Registrar Salary Scale

    2)     I have been allocated to ADHB in Emergency Medicine as a Registrar

    3)     My run description is found here

    4)     In section 7 it mentions : “Salary : The salary for this attachment is detailed to be a D category;however it will be remunerated at a B category which will be effective from 08/12/2014.”

    5)     Looking at Registrar Year 6 + Category D to B on page 10 of the agreement, my salary for that rotation would be $128,417.

    6)     Voila! If you can’t find what you need, please let us know.

    Be aware that as salary is linked to a rotation, if you change rotations your salary may alter.

  11. I'm coming from overseas. When should I book my flights?
    Often doctors wonder when they should start booking their flights. We recommend that you book your flights once your Medical Council registration has been approved, however it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

  12. Why do I need to re-apply when I've only been outside Auckland for 6 months?
    As with any employer in any industry, if you have left employment and want to work with that employer again, you must re-apply and complete the selection and employment process. The Auckland region DHB's are no exception.

  13. I have been allocated to the Auckland region by my College. Why do I need to now apply?
    If you are transferring for training reasons, you still need to fulfil the employment requirements of the three Auckland region District Health Boards to gain a contract. This is because training and employment are separate issues. Some Colleges do assist with the employment process by providing us with documents we would usually request whereas others provide us with nothing but a list of doctors allocated to our region.

    Although your college allocates you to a region, it is not an employing body. Being part of the college does not give automatic right to employment at a DHB. Employment is only given after you complete standard employment processes.

    We would strongly recommend being prepared to submit required certified documentation each time you move. Keep scanned copies of updated certified documents on file to ensure you do not need to keep re-collecting these. Updated references will always be required however as per DHB employment policy. You can be proactive in this regard and ensure you know the requirements for the DHB you are going to in advance.

  14. Why don't you assist with College registration?
    Although we understand that new trainees may need to facilitate this process, we are not experts on College registration and therefore cannot provide detailed information regarding this, especially as there are changes regularly to college processes. We do have links to all the Colleges on our website under Careers, which can be used to contact the College and also the Vocational Training Chair for your training program. The Chair and Supervisor/s of Training are best qualified to assist in terms of College applications.

  15. How do I find out about whether relocation costs will be reimbursed?
    Relocation claims are managed by our Reimbursement team. Please email any claims in full and any follow up questions to them at this email address: We also have information on reimbursements available on our website here.

  16. Why can’t documents from my previous tenure at ADHB be used?
    If a doctor has worked in the region before we are able to use any documents on file that meet current employment requirements. However, in the event that documents are not on file, are not certified, have expired or are outdated, then we need you to provide updated copies. We must comply with the Auckland region DHBs’ employment policies and subsequently so must all doctors we employ on behalf of those DHBs.

  17. Why is there no salary on my offer of employment?
    Offers of employment from the Auckland region DHB’s only include your Job title and year of the salary scale. This is because every time you change an allocation your salary may change with it. We cannot therefore include a specific salary on the offer.

    Run categories depend on your allocation. Allocations are always advised under separate cover to the offer.

     A quick email to your recruiter can clear this up.

  18. Why do you need certified copies of documents? What’s wrong with looking at originals when I arrive or for accepting the MCNZ has more registration information than the certificate I hold?
    MCNZ is not the employer and so regardless of the information they hold on file, we must fulfil the employment processes laid out for us by the three Auckland region DHB’s and gain all documentation required by policy.

    As part of DHB employment policy we cannot offer employment without your official documents being certified. NRA must fulfil its service obligations to the DHB’s in this respect.

    If MCNZ or another employing body holds certified copies of your documents on file, you can give them permission to release these to us.

    We also recommend that you hold scanned certified copies of required documentation on file if you are rotating throughout New Zealand.

  19. Why isn't there one point of contact for everything?
    The Northern Regional Alliance is responsible for 3 separate employers within the Auckland region and each hold a large number of RMO's. Due to this,we have a chain of people involved with you from application to your first day both from NRA and from your service. However, should you ever be unclear about anything before commencing employment please contact your Recruitment Consultant.

  20. How do I find out about my orientation?
    Orientation information is not emailed by the recruitment team. It is emailed to new employees either by their RMO Advisor at the DHB or by their service (depending on the specialty). This is usually within the week prior to commencing. If you do not receive this by the Thursday prior, please let your Recruitment Consultant know immediately.

  21. Once employed, what falls under the Northern Regional Alliance and what falls under my DHB?
    The Northern Regional Alliance is an agent for the three Auckland region DHB’s and is jointly owned by all three. We issue an offer of employment on behalf of the three DHB’s. We do not employ you however.

    You are employed by whichever DHB you are currently allocated to. If you have an employment issue within your current allocation you should approach HR at that DHB. However, our allocation team can discuss any concerns with you before you approach HR. 

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