SToNZ MECA Run Descriptions

Below is a list of run descriptions for the three Auckland metro District Health Boards (Auckland DHB, Counties Manukau DHB and Waitemata DHB) which are covered by the District Health Boards and Specialty Trainees of New Zealand Collective Agreement SToNZ MECA.

Click on the relevant speciality to view the SToNZ MECA run descriptions for House Officer & Registrar runs.

When accessing run descriptions please note that a number of run descriptions will change from the 2019/2020 training year as a result of agreement to a number of change proposals. The list of run descriptions affected and the effective date of the change is listed in the following two tables;

  1. Run Description Changes Effective from 25 November 2019
  2. Run Description Changes Effective from 9 December 2019

Where change proposals are still in progress and not yet agreed these are listed in the Change Proposals Underway table.

Run Description Changes Effective from 25 November 2019
General Medicine House Officer General Surgery House Officer Orthopaedics House Officer
General Surgery House Officer O&G PGY1 House Officer  
ASU House Officer O&G Senior House Officer  
Vascular House Officer    
NICU House Officer    
Ophthalmology House Officer    
Surgical Releif House Officer    
Run Description Changes Effective from 9 December 2019
Radiation Oncology Registrar General Medicine  Registrar Endo/Diabetes Registrar
Dermatology Registrar General Medicine Relief  Registrar General Medicine Waitakere Registrar
Mental Health Manawanui Registrar MAU Registrar General Medicine Relief Waitakere Registrar
Starship Liaison Registrar Rheumatology Registrar Geriatrics Waitakere Registrar
Mental Health BRC Registrar Stroke Registrar Cardiology Waitakere Registrar
Mental Health CA Services Gen Med/Cardiology Registrar ADU Waitakere Registrar
Mental Health CMHC Registrar Gen Med/Diabetes Registrar Cardiology CCU North Shore Registrar
Mental Health CMHC Registrar Endo/Diabeties Registrar Cath Lab Registrar
Fraser MacDonald Unit Registrar Infectious Disease Registrar Echo Registrar
MHSOP Registrar Palliative Care Registrar General Surgery Junior Registrar
TWT Adult Inpatient Registrar Gastro Registrar General Surgery Senior Registrar
ACH Liason Registrar Gastro/Gen Med Registrar General Medicine North Shore Registrar
Ophthalmology Registrar Respiratory Blue Registrar Cardiology North ShoreHouse Officer 
  Respiratory Green Registrar Geriatrics House Officer
  NZRSI Registrar General Medicine Waitakere House Officer
  Haematology Registrar General Medicine Releif Waitakere House Officer
  Rheumatology Fellow Geriatrics Waitakere House Officer
  Geriatrics Registrar Cardiology Waitakere House Officer
  Spinal Rehab Registrar ADU Waitakere House Officer
  Cardiology Registrar  
  Cardiology/Echo Registrar  
  Cardiology EP Catheter Registrar  
  General Medicine Heart Failure Registrar  
  Cardiology Research Fellow  
  MHSOP North Registrar   
  Taunaki and Te Waitanga Registrar  
  Tiaho Mai Blue and Red Registrar  
  Tiaho Mai Grey Registrar  
  Matariki Registarr  
  Rapua Te Ao Waiora Registrar  
  General Medicine House Officer  
  General Medicine Relief House Officer  
  Geriatrics House Officer  
  Acute Assessment/MAU House Officer  
  Psychogeriatrics House Officer  
  Adult General Rehab Hosue officer  
  Spinal Rehab House Officer  
  Haematology Hosue Officer  
  CCU Hosue Officer  
  CCU/Rheumatology House Officer  
  Cardio/Gen Med House Officer  
  Renal House Officer  
  Stroke House Officer  
  Gastro Hosue Officer  
  Respiratory Blue House Officer  
  Resiratoyr Green House Officer  
  Psychiatry House Officer  
Change Proposals Underway - Effective from 9 December 2019
General Medicine Registrar Haem Path Registrar OAHH North Shore Registrar
Acute Medicine Registrar General Surgery Registrar  
NICU Registrar    
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