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13. Arrival onwards

So you have your registration or registration in principle and are eligible to work in Auckland, what next?

By this stage you should have:

  • Received your registration in principle from the Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Booked your flights to arrive in Auckland 10 working days prior to your commencement date
  • Received your work visa (or be very close to receiving it)
  • Completed your starter documents (as much as you are able)
  • Completed your pre-employment screening (as much as you are able)
  • Booked an appointment with a Medical Council Agent in Auckland
  • Passed the Police Vetting process



Arrive in New Zealand at least 10 days before you begin work.

At least 10 days before you begin work



Interview with a MCNZ Agent in Auckland; information from the interview will be sent to Wellington for processing and can take up to 5 working days to complete.

MCNZ Agent Interview – what you need to bring with you:

You are required to bring the following documents (originals and photocopies) to your interview:

  1. Your current passport.
  2. Certificate of good standing (CGS). Please refer to the MCNZ policy here.
  3. Original primary medical and post-graduate medical qualification certificates. If you are unable to supply your original medical degree certificate, you must supply an original letter from your medical university confirming that you completed the medical degree course and that your degree has been conferred.
  4. Original documentation of a name change e.g. Marriage Certificate (if relevant) or Statutory declaration
  5. Original IELTS results if applicable.
  6. Letter of job offer or appointment.
  7. Letter of Eligibility from the Medical Council.
  8. Contact Details. A telephone number and/or email where you can be contacted if necessary following your interview.
  9. A method of payment. Your registration will not be processed until full payment is received with your application.
  10. Any other documentation requested by the Council as stated in your eligibility letter.

Note: If any of your documents are issued in a language other than English they must be accompanied by a translation into English. The translation must be an original performed by an authorised translation service or professional translator.

Check out for more details.

Allow 5 working days to send details from Auckland to MCNZ office in Wellington

You / MCNZ


Practicing Certificate issued from MCNZ.




Passed the Police Vetting

Can now begin work!

NZ Police Vetting Service



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