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Position Types

You may not be familiar with the position types or terminology we use in Auckland/New Zealand regarding positions, so here is a useful guide.

  1. House Officer

    A House Officer is the title for a doctor who has not begun specialty training. After medical school, typically the House Officer works at a hospital for 12 months on provisional registration before being eligible to apply for general registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand. Once generally registered they typically work for another year before applying to specialised training. Alternatively they may complete a third year before exiting to work as a GP.

    To gain a first year House Officer position from January each year, applicants need to apply via the ACE process. You can read more information about this here.

    We do recruit House Officers outside this time as and when vacancies arise. If interested, keep an eye on our job listings page.
  2. Senior House Officer

    In Auckland, we have designated Senior House Officer positions which are only available in anaesthesia, CVICU and O & G.  A House Officer who has general registration and two years postgraduate experience is eligible to apply for these positions.  These give an opportunity over a six or twelve month period to experience these specialties in more depth.
    We recruit for these positions in the Annual Recruitment Cycle (where applications are open from mid-May to mid-June only) for starts in January and July of the following year. If interested, keep an eye on our job listings page.

  3. Registrar

    Once House Officers and Senior House Officers are clear about what specialty they would like to train in, they will seek a registrar position in that field.  In Auckland we conduct a selection process (which also includes interviews and reference checking) to appoint to registrar positions.  Depending on the specialty, a RMO may join the College training programme either before being selected to a registrar position or may have to be selected into that College training programme while working as a registrar.

    We tend to recruit for these positions during the Annual Recruitment Cycle (applications open from mid-May to mid-June each year), however at times there can be vacancies that arise that we will recruit to. If interested, keep an eye on our job listings page.
  4. Consultant

    Once registrars pass their final exam, they are eligible to apply for consultant (SMO/Specialist) positions. We do not recruit for these positions as the Auckland region Districts recruit directly. If you are seeking a consultant position please visit each of the following:   
    1. Health NZ - Te Toka Tumai Auckland;
    2. Health NZ - Waitemata
    3. Health NZ - Counties Manukau
  5. Locum

    A locum in Auckland is a doctor with general registration with Medical Council of New Zealand and who is able to work across the three Auckland region District hospitals. If permanently employed at one Disctrict in Auckland a doctor may apply to locum at another District hospital in the Auckland region at the same time. We also employ locums who only want to work casually.

    You can apply year round for a locum position via our job listings page.

  6. Fellows

    We administer some Fellow positions within the Auckland region. We don't source or select for these positions but undertake the recruitment process on behalf of the Auckland Region Districts.

    Fellows who have already been informally accepted for a position may officially apply via our job listings page. If you have not already been accepted, please do not apply.

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