Expressions of Interest - 2019 Training Year - Psychiatry Registrars

2019 Training Year “ Psychiatry Registrars

  • Learn inside a renowned and highly supportive training environment
  • High level of integration between employment and training opportunities
  • Experience a diverse population and a wide variety of patient presentations
  • Opportunities for a wide variety of sub-specialty experience
Working in Auckland

Join us as a Psychiatry Registrar in a training programme that meets all the Royal Australian & NZ College of Psychiatry requirements for a career in Psychiatry. Experience our exciting and varied teaching hospitals (North Shore, Waitakere, Auckland City and Middlemore), and learn within our diverse multicultural environment.

Are you thinking about doing Psychiatry Training?

Psychiatry is a truly interesting career where you get to explore and treat mental illness while taking into account a person's development, social circumstances and cultural background to build up a complete picture which allows for an integrated formulation and individualised treatment plan. It can be a real privilege to know the intricacies of people's lives and how this affects them. Treatment is always a multi-disciplinary approach, with constant communication between clinicians in inpatient and community settings and can involve medication, psychological therapies and socio-cultural interventions. Psychiatry is an evolving field with ongoing research and one where you can have a voice in many areas, not only in medicine. It allows for a flexible and rewarding career, with multiple varied and interesting subspecialties to further challenge and gain expertise.

Are you already in Psychiatry Training?

Auckland is able to offer a range of different training runs in all of the approved psychiatric sub-specialties, with high quality teaching, supervision and support. It is a reasonably large programme, offering a good-sized peer group. You are encouraged to work throughout all the different Auckland DHBs, which allows for working experience of different mental health systems. You can learn about a variety of different cultures within the city and are encouraged to apply this knowledge in helping people of various ethnicities. The entire training programme from Stage 1 to Stage 3 can be completed in Auckland, with support to attend conferences, access recommended texts and achieve training requirements all offered throughout training.

Our Training Programme

Auckland offers a supportive programme for psychiatric registrars, providing training across several years and stages so as to achieve the RANZCP Fellowship qualification. There are five RANZCP training programmes in New Zealand and the Auckland programme is the largest, with about 75 registrars spread across Auckland and Northland. Whangarei, in Northland, is a regional satellite of the Auckland programme, and has about 6 trainees. The Auckland programme's teaching and administration base is at the Training Centre on the Greenlane Clinical Centre site, next to Cornwall Park in Auckland. Within Auckland, trainees work in various posts across the three local District Health Boards (DHBs) so as to complete a number of different six-month training runs over several years. If you are wondering about becoming part of a large programme such as Auckland's, be assured that it is not impersonal or daunting. The Training Centre staff are very approachable, the Director of Training and Academic Programme director are both actively involved in teaching, and your local DHB-based Training Facilitator will make contact and meet with you on a regular basis to support your training. Your teaching-day cohort will generally only be about 8-10 registrars, and you'll also be part of group of around 15-20 registrars in the DHB where you're working. Exam pass rates from candidates trained in Auckland are high. In addition to this, there are significant advantages over many other programmes in the variety and breadth of posts available, especially for subspecialty advanced training. Auckland can offer Advanced Training in all seven of the College's subspecialty Certificate Programmes. For further information about the programme, click here or visit

Eligibility criteria
  • At least 3 month's experience in psychiatry is highly desirable but not essential.
  • You need to have completed PGY1 and PGY2.
  • You will require eligibility for registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand. Check if you're eligible here or visit

To Apply

To be considered, you must
include all of the required documents with your application as only complete applications will be considered for interview:
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For application queries please contact Charlotte Lawson, Recruitment and Allocation Consultant, at

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